Abortion : Birth Control And Emergency Contraception Essay

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vary by location but the main services include “Abortion; Birth Control; Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill); General Health Care; HIV Testing; LGBT Services; Men’s Health Care; Pregnancy Testing & Services; STD Testing Treatment & Vaccines; Women’s Health Care.” Of these services that clinics perform 41% is STI and STD treatment, 34% is contraception, 10% is cancer screening and prevention, 11% is classified as other Women’s Health Care services, 3% is abortion services and 1% is other services (Parenthood, 2015). Some clinics may offer in house abortion while others will only offer referral services depending on location. As they cannot allocate government funds to abortion, the client will usually have to pay the clinic up to 1,500$ for the procedure. Although PP’s main goal is reproductive health and family planning, these clinics are equipped for many other general health care services such as vaccination and blood cholesterol checking. Both paid medical and non-medical employees, as well as volunteers who perform an array of jobs usually staff clinics. For example, clinics that are often berated by groups of protestors will often employ volunteer escorts to assist the patient entering the building to make them feel safer. According to PP (2015), these US clinics service 2.8 million patients in 4.6 million clinical visits each year. Another integral part of Planned Parenthood’s operation is its outreach and educational services. As the organizations goal is to
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