Abortion By Ernest Hemingway Analysis

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There is difference between love and manipulative love. In this story, the love being describe is manipulative love. Jig, the girl, is in love with an American man. She is ambivalent, but she doesn’t realize it. In the story, she says” And if I do it you’ll be happy and things will be they were and you’ll love me?”(pg.3) Jig really wants loved by American man. He makes life with him worth giving up everything be with him. She doesn’t want nothing to destroy the relationship between her and him. Jig states “And you think then we’ll be all right and be happy.” (Hemingway pg.2) She not sure if doing this would keep him or make him leave her. Abortion is a dangerous operation. In the early 1900s, abortion is illegal to do and most women would
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