Abortion: Cause and Effect

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The Aftermath of an Abortion To have abortion or not is a very difficult choice to make. The final choice comes from religious and ethical beliefs. However, to have an abortion means to participate in a horrendous crime against humanity, God, and oneself. Abortion can also have deleterious effects on the mother’s health and well being. Many of the couples, mainly the mothers, that have an abortion tend to go into a state of depression known as Post-abortion syndrome. Negative effects on the mother’s body can also stem from using abortion methods, such as the use of RU 486, a controversial abortion pill; increased risk of breast cancer is another effect of abortions. Other side effects of abortion, from emotional scars to a detachment from…show more content…
The self-devaluation can stem from teenagers feeling incompetent, and can lead to periods of depression (Speckhard, Rue). Teenagers are also more susceptible to periods of depression due to their immaturity, their lack of experience of such events as death. The many symptoms of Post-abortion Syndrome are primarily psychological, but other aspects of having an abortion can have devastating effects on the physical aspects of the mother. After an abortion has taken place, not only is the mother susceptible to psychological disorders, but other negative effect on the body as well, such as increased risk toward breast cancer. A publication by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute on October 4, 1994, revealed that women who had one or more abortions had a significant overall increase in breast cancer (Roleff 156). The study by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, also concludes that the increased risk is an overall 50 percent to breast cancer, than women that carry out their pregnancy (Roleff 156). The troubles from having an abortion arise from the fact that estrogen (a breast-cancer risk factor) is at high levels during the initial periods of pregnancy, but are counterbalanced by other hormones which converts the breasts into milk-producing organs (Roleff 158). When a woman has an abortion, the large amounts of estrogen can assist abnormal cells into becoming cancerous (Roleff 159). The study also revealed that
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