Abortion Essay

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In this paper, I will be discussing the topic of abortion. I have chosen R.M. Hare, and Judith Jarvis Thompson as two candidates from the book the “The Moral life” by Steve Luper, and Curtis Brown. I will be discussing the critique, and defense of abortion. I will be presenting, analyzing and critically evaluating the writers view on the topic, then I will be discussing my own views about the issue of abortion, and how the arguments of the two writers guide the conclusion of abortion. R.M. Hare’s argument in “A Kantian Critique of Abortion” or a “Kantian approach to abortion”. This writer talks about if the fetus should be considered a person, and if it should have rights like every human being. The author in the book says that “most…show more content…
R.M. Hare wrote this paper in 1989.I feel like even though he wrote this paper 28 years ago that were still trying to figure out as a society what would be right for the mother and the fetus, and if the fetus should be considered a person or if the fetus has any type of rights. R.M. Hare asks more questions than answers. I believe that is because even back then the topic of abortion was or is the same as it is today. I think that its difficult to understand or wrap up abortion into one simple law or rule that would involve everyone and would benefit every woman without there being any type of disagreements or any type protest against this law because like some women say, “there body their rights” I think this is true, but that is just till a Certain extent.
Judith Jarvis Thompson wrote her paper in 1971 even though it was years ago it’s the same thing as R.M. Hare’s paper where both the papers they wrote are still relevant because
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