Abortion, Good or Bad for Society?

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Abortion. Abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated. This could happen naturally or on purpose. Natural abortions are caused for a variety of reasons, some in which the fetus does not develop normally, or if the mother has an injury or disorder that would prevent the birth of the child. Most people refer to the naturally occurring abortions as miscarriages. Other abortions are purposely committed to prevent the birth of a child. These abortions are done because the pregnancy is not wanted, or the pregnancy will endanger the woman's health. Abortions are now easier, less dangerous, and simpler than they once were. Abortion is one of the key topics in United States courtrooms; the United States Congress is constantly working on making laws…show more content…
The state has no interest unless the abortion is done within the first trimester of the pregnancy (first 12 weeks, or three months), and is done by a licensed physician. The state only has a say whether they regulate the abortion if it is past 24 weeks, this is so they can protect the women's mental well being. After the fetus has developed the court must have a separate case, due to the fact that there may be several variables involved inside the case.

There are several laws pertaining to abortion regarding minors who wish to seek an abortion. In several states, all that is needed is a parental consent; these policies pertain to 24 of the 50 states. Minors can also stand up in front of the judge and request their abortions. In Maryland, West Virginia, and Tennessee a doctor can give the minor consent to be able to have the abortion. Unbelievable, in Maine and Connecticut no requirement is necessary, minors have every right to have an abortion, therefore their parent or legal guardian doesn't even need to know their daughter is seeking an abortion. It is not so easy to seek an abortion; there are several lectures and lessons you must take. In 31 states the women usually has to listen to a lecture and review materials prepared by the state. Fifteen of the fifty states require a 24 – 72 waiting period, in normal circumstances it is 24 hours. In forty-three of the fifty states, an abortion must be given by a licensed doctor or physician.
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