Abortion, Human Trafficking, And Feminism

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Sarah Sims English 1302 Mrs. Lescure February 15, 2015 Homosexuals There are few issues that are more controversial than that of homosexuality. It is a topic that is randomly thrown into conversations along with; abortion, human trafficking, and feminism. But there is one common factor among these seemingly random topics: human rights. Women want the right to choose whether or not they will have a child, sex slaves fight for the right to be freed, feminists fight for gender equality, and homosexuals fight for the freedom to be treated the same way as people who are straight. Homosexuals are discriminated against because they are a minority that is defined by the majority as different. Having grown up in a small southern town, I can justly say that homophobia and racism are still very alive and well here. But this is not uncommon, almost everywhere you go there is going to someone who is going to disagree, someone who is unwilling to open their mind to different possibilities. The problem here however, is that these old fears and hatreds are being ingrained into the minds of the new generation. These budding minds have already been poisoned with prejudice and fear of anything that they deem different. Just recently, I was working as an office aid in a Speech classroom and we did one of your regular ‘run-of-the-mill’ type icebreakers. You were given a list of twelve different people and told that if you were stranded on an uncharted island, which seven would you save, and
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