Abortion Importance

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Many people do not know about the risks, emotional effects or even the cost of abortions… do you? Abortion applies to many men and women in the world with records go back to the 1800s. Abortion is done surgically or by an abortion pill which removes the fetus from the uterus before it is born. It can happen at any time during the first trimester of pregnancy, meaning week one through week twelve, or about three months; abortions can also occur during the second trimester, beginning at week thirteen. Abortions may not occur during the third trimester after thirteen weeks because it is not legal then other than the state of Ohio. In the state of Ohio if there is a heartbeat detected they can not abort past 6 weeks. It can occur in an abortion clinic or, many states, in a hospital. These things are important because patients will need to know the exact information, risks and prices for an abortion before considering one. Abortion is important to research as a health career student because of the risks, emotional effects and information involved in the process, and so health providers can give patients with the most accurate information. “Spontaneous abortion is just a miscarriage not an induced abortion” (70 Shantz-Hilkes). There are many risks of having an abortion and they vary from time to time or person to person. Your body reacts differently than anyone else's. “About ten percent suffer immediate complications; one-fifth are life-threatening” (Frank). Since there are

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