Abortion In Brazil Essay

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The Zika virus and the increase of microcephaly, a rare birth defect that results in infants being born with abnormally small heads and brains, in Brazil is stirring up a large debate on the topic of abortion.

Brazil has had over 4,000 cases of microcephaly since the past fall, which is 20 times more cases than previous years. With the rise of the Zika virus, a lot of research is being executed in finding the correlation between the two, if any. Although it is not yet clear, these increases have been causing a lot of worry and debate throughout the world.

Abortion is currently illegal in Brazil, with women facing up to three years in jail. The only exceptions for the law are in cases of rape, when pregnancy poses a risk to the mother’s life,
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Diniz, who is also spearheading the right-to-terminate campaign, says that women, “should not be penalized for a government’s failing policies because it has been negligent in the handling of an epidemic.”

Marisa Lengor Kwaning, a writer, editor, and health policy analyst, claims that the news coverage has blown the Zika virus correlation to microcephaly out of proportion. Kwaning reports that there have not been documented cases of microcephaly in other regions of Asia and Africa where the Zika virus has appeared before. She declares on that even if the Zika virus is found to be directly correlated to the virus, neither abortion nor avoiding pregnancy is the answer, but rather fostering an environment that cares for these babies and mothers of babies with microcephaly and other special needs.

Although, currently, there is no reliable test for Zika, the World Health Organization declares that they are only weeks away from developing a test for the virus. However, large scale clinical trials for potential preventative shots will not be available for at least another 18 months according to Marie-Paul Kieny, the WHO Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and
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