Abortion In South Korea

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Abortion has been illegal in South Korea since 1953; there are cases where abortion would be considered legal, though. These cases include if the fetus was a product of rape, if there is a major risk to the woman’s life, or if there are extreme fetal defects. Many abortions that do not fall into the categories aforementioned are still performed yearly. One explanation for this would be the fact that most people in South Korea are not aware that abortion is illegal in most cases since so many countries around the globe allow it. With only 36% of South Koreans opposed to the legalization of abortion, a petition was started with the goal of getting the South Korean government to alter the law banning abortion. Since the petition has over 200,000 signatures, the government is obligated to respond to it, but this is only the beginning. The society within and societies outside of South Korea has influenced its citizens into wanting the change with the abortion law and in effect, help the women gain gender equality.
Although progress is being made with getting women the right to an abortion, South Korea is not a country where gender equality has been achieved. However, improvement has been made in gaining gender equality, such as 53% of women working outside of the house in 2015. On the contrary, women in South Korea were making 65% of what men made in 2015, so that means that the women have less property, power, and prestige while the men still have much more. This, in turn,

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