Abortion In The United States Is A Major Topic Of Debate

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Abortion in the United States is a major topic of debate in United States politics. People today frequently hear the terms pro-choice and pro-life, which represent the liberal and conservative views on this issue, respectively. First made illegal in the late 1800s, the federal government did not rule that abortion was legal again until the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973. Despite this ruling, citizens still fight for women’s ability to terminate their pregnancies as they face legislature that is making it increasingly harder to do so in the United States. The events surrounding the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973, its causes and effects, were sparked by differences in ideologies and views about how abortion should be handled by…show more content…
While the medical field first made the move to make abortion illegal, white American men continued to push for this legislation due to sexism, racism and classism. Men were anxious about the change in the social makeup as women were challenging gender norms by having the power to terminate their pregnancies and dismiss themselves of the responsibility of motherhood that was expected of them at the time. As Leslie Reagan, a university professor who specializes in gender and women’s studies states, “White male patriotism demanded that maternity be enforced among white Protestant women” and women were condemned for “avoiding the self-sacrifice expected of mothers” (2008, p. 22). Also, at a time when immigrants were coming to America, anti-abortionists feared that the country would be populated by immigrants and people of color; they hoped that making abortion illegal would maintain Caucasians as the majority in the country. Anti-abortionists moved to make abortion illegal by arguing that it was immoral and dangerous. Women continued to get abortions even though it was made illegal. Women who had money had the option to travel to other countries or pay doctors large sums to perform the procedure quietly. Those without those financial means women took it upon themselves to perform abortions by drinking chemicals, inserting needles or coat hangers into their vaginas or douching with lye (Ravitz, 2017). Others went to untrained practitioners who performed

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