Abortion Is A Form Of Birth Control

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Jacek, I know I won 't change your stance on abortion, just as you could never convince me I ought to submit my body to the government and let them decide what I can and cannot do. But I do hope you can recognise why so many women are left to choose abortion as a form of birth control-- something that, I agree, and they agree, is abhorrent.

My Catholic grandmother worked for the organization that became Planned Parenthood for over 25 years. She began as a translator (Spanish to English) and moved upward. When I was in the second grade our teacher assigned us to interview a grandparent and I chose my grandmother. She said she felt that woman should be able to choose what happens to their bodies. I had no idea what she meant at the
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Poor women cannot afford to pay for birth control, thanks to Conservatives. But the men who want to have sex with them, well, they get to have an erection, on the house.

When I lived in the UK, birth control was readily available, for free, as well as abortions. But abortion was not a prevalent conversation because, by providing reproductive education and options to everyone equally, women did not need to resort to abortion. Again, abortion is never a first choice. It is a last resort.

In the USA, if a girl or woman living in poverty or in a marginalized population becomes pregnant, Conservatives do not want her to have access to prenatal care or education. It is dangerous for young girls to have a baby, for both mother and child. Refusing to educate would-be mothers on how to have a safe pregnancy and prepare for childbirth increases infant and maternal mortality. Planned Parenthood provides this education, medical monitoring, and prenatal care.

A woman who has been refused education on her reproductive health, refused access to birth control, and now becomes pregnant, faces two decisions: birth a child or seek an abortion.

If that child is born, Conservatives do not want mother or child to have access to health care. (see repeal of ACA, repeal of Medicaid, repeal of CHIP, etc.)

Conservatives do not want mother or child to access to welfare. And yes, mother and child need to rely on welfare, because maybe she is still getting her education,
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