Abortion Is A Highly Sensitive And Controversial Subject

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Abortion is a highly sensitive and controversial subject within the United States that has been an issue of changing opinion for over 200 years. This right has already been resolved to be provided by the Constitution by the Supreme Court. A ban on abortion can possibly violate the separation of church and state, with the reason that those who wish to ban it, are often religious in nature. I strongly believe that the federal government should not ban abortion or have the option to decide what a woman can or cannot do with her own body. Abortion is defined as the removal of a fetus or embryo sooner than it being able to survive outside of the uterus, ultimately, ending a pregnancy. An abortion can occur several different ways, such as,…show more content…
Roe had no legal justification for obtaining an abortion in Texas, considering her pregnancy was not a threat to her life, however, the District Court, consisting of three judges, ruled that Roe did have a foundation to sue and declared the law in Texas regarding abortion void, for proving to be vague and overbroad. The law in Georgia allowed for a woman to have an abortion if her health or life was at risk, if the baby was noted to have serious deformities or if the woman was raped and resulted in pregnancy. In the Doe v. Bolton case from Georgia, a married woman was also refused an abortion because she did not meet the mandatory requirements of the state. The ruling in the Doe case was split, warranting that there were some bureaucratic concerns not required that might prevent someone from undergoing a merited abortion, yet it was still defended that because of the laws that were already in place, the state has the right to inhibit an abortion. In 1973, on January 22, the verdicts from both cases on the same day, after each of the decisions were appealed and brought before the Supreme Court, were handed down. The court ruled in Roe, that although the states are interested in the protection of fetal life, until the fetus was viable, determining that to be at the start of the last, or third, trimester, such and interest was not compelling enough. Therefore, invalidating all state laws for abortion that

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