Abortion Is A Major Issue All Over The World Essay

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Abortion is a major issue all over the world. Most of the women obtained abortion as a result of unsuccessful relationship or because of the abnormality of the fetus, while some other reasons are because the women are financially not able to support the new born or the other partner is not being supportive. The most common reasons are unplanned pregnancy or sexual assault. In the mid of nineteenth century abortion was criminalized in the United Sates (Leslie, c1997).
However, abortion can be defined as the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus, and when it happens continually then is known as a miscarriage, it is the premature ending of a pregnancy. Abortion has been part of family planning since ancient times. It is one of the very important decision that a woman can take and at the same time she put herself in a dangerous as well. Some women have no access to health service or even a local of birth control services that make these women undergo using unsafe and dangerous ways to abort their unborn baby. Women not only challenged the dilemma of the abortion pain but, also its effects of physical and depression
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In some countries such as in the middle eastern, the society will present pregnant women with unknown father of the unborn baby as if she commit a crime. As a result , this situation would put the women in a very bad condition and they had to face the shame of the public. Thus, they might lose their

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