Abortion Is A Never Ending Debate

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Stephenie Osewe
Dr. Amir Azarvana
Pols 1101
July 2nd 2015
The tittle of the article I will be analyzing is “republicans seek to put abortion on the front burner in 2016”. The article was published in U.S. News and World Report, written by Tierney Sneed. Abortion is a never ending debate, it is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the United States each year. Abortion is also one of the most debated topics of all time, it is a never ending debate of whether it should be legal for women to terminate pregnancy. Some people are against abortion while others are for it. people that are against abortion also known as “pro-life” believe that women should not have an abortion because it would be considered murder,
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While Americans long have been split on the general question of abortion though a majority do believe it should be legal in at least some circumstances, a number of polls show that a majority of voters oppose abortion after 20 weeks” (Sneed). The republicans have proposed a bill that bans abortion after twenty weeks, if a person were to have an abortion after this time period it will be considered illegal and there will be consequences. If a woman was raped and got pregnant if she does not wish to have the child according to the new law being proposed, that said woman has to report the rape to the police and then she can proceed with the abortion. As stated by the article, “Abortion rights supporters counter with polling that shows voters are more supportive of abortions after 20 weeks in cases of fetal abnormalities”(Sneed). In some extreme cases a few people believe that abortion should be allowed after the twenty week time period has passed, for instance in situations where it’s not safe for the fetus and or the mother to continue with the pregnancy, or if the baby will have some sort of birth defects. All republican presidential candidates and those considering to join the presidential candidate race are all supporting the twenty week abortion ban. Americans have been clear that they do not want politicians to interfere with their health care decisions. Meanwhile
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