Abortion Is A Way For Women

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Kellsey Lodahl
Abortion is Ethical
Abortion is a way for women, or couples, to make the best decision they can for themselves and the unborn child if they are not ready to bring a child into the world. Allowing termination as a legal and ethical option lets women know they still have a choice when their world is turned upside down. The choice to abort a pregnancy allows women to remain in control of their bodies and makes women one step closer to becoming equal to men. I argue that it is ethically permissible for women to choose to have abortions because when a woman is considering abortion, she must think of her rights as a human being and exercising those rights, that she is not a murderer for aborting her unborn child because the fetus is still dependent on the mother for life and that abortions carried out in a clinic legally is the safest method of termination. Women have moral rights when it comes to their own bodies, someone telling them what they can or cannot do with their bodies is a violation of their human rights. Pro-choice organizations and feminists advocate that “women need the right to abortion to have full rights over their own bodies” (Arguments in Favor of Abortion). Law or not, regulating what people can do with or to themselves is ethically wrong. For example, some people believe that getting tattoos is morally and ethically wrong and is a poor life choice, but tattoo parlors are still legal and quite popular. During the 1970’s, “the women 's…
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