Abortion Is Abortion

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Abortion is badly affecting our society today. People in huge numbers feel it to be evil as it kills an unborn child for no reason, abortion affects society by teaching the youth that there is a way out of pregnancy. Abortion the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. I believe abortion is murder. I think you are taking life from something that deserves a chance. Most people have abortions because financial instability, relationship problems and/or unwillingness to be a single mother. Those obstacles/decisions are their fault. Instead of abortion why doesn't a mother or father consider other ways of giving up their baby like, adoption or give the baby to a friend or family member? Those options all work if you can’t afford the baby or if they’re too young. Physical problems might happen to a woman who had an abortion. The woman might also have shock, and severe hemorrhage due to loss of blood during the procedure. The procedure can cause the abdominal cavity to be infected due to being exposed to invasion by bacteria. The Instruments used can perforate the uterus causing injury, and bleeding to internal organs. It is not common to die from abortions, but women can die from heavy bleeding from complications with anesthesia. According to a study in the journal of the natural growth process of the breast, women who have abortions increase their risk of breast cancer by fifty percent, and can cause future pregnancy failure, greater risk of having premature births, sterility, damage to the cervix, physical injuries, and tubal pregnancy. Also, besides women having physical side effects, they also suffer emotional side effects, such as suicidal thoughts, grief, depression, anger, sexual dysfunction, guilt, flashbacks, memory repression, and might have difficulty keeping close relationships. Abortion was banned in Canada in 1869.. an early example acquired a whole lot attention all through the abortion trial of Emily Stowe in 1879. Another case was Azoulay v. The Queen, In both instances, the alleged abortion company was in the long run free of responsibility for the girl's loss of life. pro-preference protester like Marilyn Wilson, former executive director of the Canadian Abortion Rights movement

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