Abortion Is An Act Of Murder? Essay

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Have you ever wondered where the beginning of your individual life began? Life is precious and not guaranteed, yet many individuals take it for granite. Visualize having your life ripped away from you without being allowed to say whether or not you want to live. This is how it is with unborn babies in their mother’s womb when the mothers decide to have an abortion. There is much controversy regarding abortion as a whole. Abortion is a procedure that terminates any pregnancy ( When discussing abortion, some would say the beginning of life started once an infant took his or her first breath during delivery and others would say life began the second they were formed in its mother’s womb. Based on either viewpoint, is abortion considered an act of murder? A pro-abortionist considers life to begin once the mother has successfully delivered the child during birth. The nine months that the infant is in the mother’s womb, he or she is considered a fetus. An abortion to these particular individuals is not considered murder, but rather terminating a fetus (Walsh). A fetus is an unborn mammal or human being ( So, if a fetus is considered a human being, then why is it not murder? The infant is a human being, but just has not been born yet? Some would say that abortion is necessary is some instances. For example, it would be okay if there were health concerns for either the unborn child or the mother during the pregnancy. If an individual does not want to
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