Abortion Is An Action That Ends Pregnancy Before The Unborn

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Abortion is an action that ends pregnancy before the unborn can survive outside the mother 's body. Debate dates to Assyrian culture in the “fourteenth century BCE” and in early Hebrew law (Kaplan, Tischauser, & Chara, 2014). Historical reasons according to Kaplan, Tischauser, & Chara for debate are listed as follows: Hippocrates said “it violated a doctor 's responsibility to heal”, Roman law was based on an unborn being part of the woman which makes it her decision, unwanted pregnancies are reason enough in some cultures, Christian churches see abortion as sin and murder, there is question as to when the soul develops and before then abortion is acceptable (2014). In 1973 abortion was legalized in all U.S. States, and in recent decades some countries shifted to accept it when a woman 's life was “at risk or threatened” (Kaplan, Tischauser, & Chara, 2014) where “rape or incest” took place, and in the U.S. “it violates a woman 's privacy to prohibit abortion” (Geraldine & Wagner, 2015). Other recent reasons include abortion for benefit in “stem cell research” (Streiffer, 2010), and in defining when humanity begins (i.e. embryo and fetus versus human or baby). It 's important to recognize that in 2007, the Supreme Court upheld a 2003 law to ban late-term abortions (Geraldine & Wagner, 2015). This paper discusses abortion from pro and con positions, providing a back and forth dialog of claim, research and evidence, and includes related ethics theories. It also provides a

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