Abortion : Is It Morally Acceptable?

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Day one, the most important day of any person’s life. The day of conception in which a simple cell becomes a growing human being. Time begins to pass on and the child begins to develop everything they need to survive in the world. In merely a few months the darkness will begin to fade away and the bright light will finally come into view for the child. What was just a simple cell not too long ago has now blossomed into a human being, but is this child technically alive? Is it morally acceptable to terminate this child? These are the main questions of the abortion debate that provides the basis for each side’s argument. On one end of the debate are the pro-choice arguers who believe life begins at birth and that women should have the right to choose what they do with their pregnancy. On the other end are the pro-life arguers who go against pro-choice believers. The pro-life side seeks to abolish abortion due to their belief that life begins at conception and that terminating a pregnancy is considered murder. Because of the morality aspect and the involvement of human life in the topic, abortion is a major issue in the United States and the two opposing sides of pro-life and pro-choice both have valid arguments as to why their side is correct, but it is possible to reach a synthesis between the two. Both sides provide arguments as to why they believe their side is the correct one. This is an issue that has not gone without fierce debating. Both sides have strong moral…

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