Abortion Is Morally Wrong

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Abortion is morally wrong for many reasons and should be illegal. What is so unethical about it, doesn’t a woman have the right to do what she wants with her body? Yes she does. However, if it is at the cost of another human life it is unjust and wrong. In addition, the mother is not the only one effected by the murdering of the child, imagine all of the lives the child could have touched and changed. Lastly, life is good and killing is wrong. So how could killing an innocent child be perceived as “okay” or acceptable? It just doesn’t make sense, but somehow, the US refuses to outlaw abortion. Jackson from the federalist reported a horrific story. A Colorado woman, who was seven months pregnant, was attacked and left for dead. Her unborn daughter…show more content…
Deontology is all about following rules or duties, and the only way to know what our duty is through reason. Immanuel Kant, a very influential deontologist, states “Act as though the maxim your action were to become, through your will, a universal law of nature” (Kant). This means the choice at hand has to be one that anyone else would choose based on common sense. The reason for your decision has to be able to be interpreted by others as just, based on logic or reason. So think about it this way. Two obvious laws are an unborn human life is still a human life, and it is wrong to take away human life. So if abortion is taking away human life, it must be wrong. It is very simple logic. Kant also states, “humans exist as an end in himself and not merely as a means to be used by this or that will at its discretion” (Kant). This means that with the title of human, there comes a certain respect towards each other. People should not use others in selfish ways, but instead should use means to reach an end that builds up others. Abortion is using a child’s death as a means to what the mother believes is a better end for her. This is basically taking a life simply because it is more convenient than owning up to their responsibities as a human. If you are grown enough to make a child, you are grown enough to have that child. Maybe keeping that child is not the right answer, there is always adoption or other means of…show more content…
The choice that minimizes pain and maximizes happiness is the right choice. Meaning the choice that brings the most overall happiness while preventing the most overall pain, not based on self interest, is the right choice. So lets apply this to a scenario where abortion is a choice. If the child is killed and the mother does not have the child, the happiness goes just to the mother, even though often time’s abortion is a very traumatic experience. But think about it this way; imagine all of the other lives this abortion might have affected. The father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, adoption parents, ect. All are affected by abortions in a negative way. They are stripped of all of the memories and happiness a child can bring into their lives. Lets take this a step farther, imagine all of the lives this child missed out on touching. What if this child was the one to find a cure to cancer, or other noble achievements? The amount of pain that would come from that would surely outweigh the pain of inconvenience of the mother. John Stuart Mill, a very influential philosopher and founder of utilitarianism, says only the outcomes are important. Meaning good intentions, and respecting other’s rights, doesn’t really matter if the most happiness doesn’t come from it. So when women argue bodily autonomy or they should have control over who or what uses their body, for what, and for how long, that is
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