Abortion Is Murder

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That was 1.2 million innocent lives that were ended before they even had a chance to begin. Abortion has been legal for decades now, and it is time to put a stop to all the murdering of unborn children. This senseless killing of an unborn child needs to be recognized for what it truly is, and that is legalized murder. Abortions should be made illegal in the United States because it is taking the life of an innocent person, there are other options out there and lastly abortions are not only harming the unborn child but also cause harm to the mother.
Abortions should be illegal because they are murder. The definition of Abortion is “a medical procured used to terminate a pregnancy and results in the death of the fetus, or embryo” (Webster, n.d.). The definition of murder is” the crime of deliberate killing of a human” (Webster, n.d.). So there for getting an abortion is logically murder. Science has proven that the life of a human begins at conception, so when a surgeon performs an abortion it should be considered murder! If everyone else who commits murder goes to jail, then why should not the doctors who perform the life ending procedure? Or the mother that ok’s the procedure? They are doing the same thing as the person on the street who just shot and killed someone. They are both ending a human life and both should face the same consequences.…

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