Abortion Is Not A Choice Essay

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Abortion Is Not A Choice To Pick Many people do not care if they are making their baby suffer and they do not see how painful it looks or feels. No matter what or how it happen no one should get an abortion because the baby will be in so much pain; you’re killing a living human being. You can just keep the baby and then give it away to someone else who wants the baby. Getting an abortion one does not see or know the pain the baby goes through. When someone is pregnant for less than four months the baby can start to feel. So, it is wrong to hurt a baby when they are already developed one of the five senses. Suson J, Lee, JD., states, “over the last several years, many have considered legislation requiring physicians to inform women seeking abortions that the fetus feels pain and to offer fetal anesthesia.”[1] In this article it proves that the baby can feel pain when getting an abortion and it is crucial. In the bible it says thou “shalt not kill” and getting an abortion is killing an innocent baby that did no harm. I think one should give life a chance instead of killing it. You never know that baby will become someone in the future like…show more content…
This would help the mother not feel guilty about ending an innocent life and can also make a future mother happy that is not able to have babies. According to Kathy S. Stolley, “Adoption is an issue of vital importance for all persons involved in adoption triangle: the child, the adoptive parents, and the birthparents. Adoption is most important for infertile couples seeking children and children in need of parents.”[3] Lindsey Porter states, “ It is standardly taken for granted in the literature on the morally of abortion that adoption is almost always available and morally preferable-alternative to abortion-one that does the same thing so far as parenthood is
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