Abortion Is Not An Acceptable Choice

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Although Patrick Lee, Robert George, and Dr. Grazie Christie argue abortion is not an acceptable choice and should not even be a choice when an unborn baby is involved, senior editor of New Republic magazine Rebecca Traister counter argued abortions are about women’s choices and health not fetuses. Patrick Lee and Robert George are professors at respective Universities who have written many journals on controversial issues like abortion such as The Wrong of Abortion. Dr. Grazie Christie is a radiologist who completes prenatal diagnoses for pregnant women. Christie wrote about a first hand experience in her essay Abortion is about a child, not a choice. As the senior editor of New Republic magazine Rebecca Traister writes many political…show more content…
Even though Christie did not mention the claim in her article, I’m sure she would agree with Lee and George the better option for the child would be adoption instead of abortion (23). Next, Lee and George argue becoming pregnant in the result of rape is not a valid reason for aborting an unborn child. Lee and George state that a pregnancy may be unwanted but the baby is not posing any harm against the mother (24). Neither one of the other authors posed the statement in their articles but Traister would consider abortion to be an acceptable choice for a rape baby because the woman’s choice matters. Lastly, Lee and George argue the only valid reason for aborting an unborn child is when the mother’s life is in danger due to a medical emergency (21). For example if a pregnant women is diagnosed with uterine cancer then it is only right to remove the cancerous uterus along with the baby to save the woman’s life (21). This incidence would result in the baby’s death. Traister does mention in her article if she had to make a choice between her baby and her life, her rights to live would outweigh the rights of her unborn baby (Traister). This does seem selfish in my opinion but if you choose to die and allow the baby to live then the baby may not have a 100 percent survival rate. Christie does not address this claim in her article but since she is a doctor it is the ultimate goal to save the mother’s life during a medical emergency.
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