Abortion Is Not The Murder Of An Infant

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“There is disagreement as to which religions the term protestant encompasses.” Protestant encompasses means Protestantism and that also means faith alone. There is about thirteen religion grouping and each of the group has a different perspective on abortion. The first written works of Christianity states “You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the newborn to perish.” In the early Christianity, abortion was prohibited. The early church leader who had agreed on abortion stated: “that if an abortion was performed to hide the consequences of fornication and adultery, then it was a sin that required penance.” This lit the sparks between Christians on whether abortion was considered a murder or not.
“St.Augustine of Hippo
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The Islamic position on abortion disagrees on women to do that procedure. “The Koran teaches that fetal development is divided into three 40-day stages,” at “the end of the third stage the soul enters the fetus.” Muslims who are divided into different groups can decide if abortions are allowed or not because they can be stricter than others even though all the Korans are the same. “Some sects believe it is permissible to have an abortion before ensoulment, whereas others argue that God forbids the killing of both the born and the unborn, even those who have not received a soul.” However, Muslims agree that abortion is acceptable to save the life of the mother.
In the Jews point, “If a man strikes and wounds a pregnant woman so that her fruit be expelled, but no harm befall her than he shall be fined as her husband shall assess, and the matter placed before the judges.” This is a quote from the Exodus, that clearly says if a man has raped or had opened women then he is her husband. During 1938-1945, the Holocaust was going on and Jewish women who “became pregnant were encouraged by their rabbis to abort because the Germans had declared that all

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