Abortion Is Terminating A Fetus Before The Baby

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Abortion is terminating a fetus before the baby is capable of living. Currently, there is a debate amongst the politicians to decide whether to continue or not to continue funding for abortion. The Federal Government should not still fund Planned Parenthood abortions, so the individuals can pay for it on their own. People don’t want their tax dollars to be spent on abortions not everyone is pro- choice nor a pro- life either. Tax dollars could be spent on other needs for our country. People don’t want to pay for something they’d never use. Abortions should be recognized as one of the ways to end a person’s life. Women have abortions for a number of reasons, but none of them are willing to pay for it themselves. And I believe that Planned…show more content…
The abortion procedures would be changed to increase the likelihood of a successfully obtaining a specific fetal tissue for resale. It is currently not clear the amount being made after selling. There are four clinics guilty and put under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. In an article by Micaiah Bilger Chilling Evidence Shows Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts: “How’s the Pancreas Forecast Today?” “The list shows that the following organs such as the hearts, brains, kidneys, tongues, ears, and lungs are being taken out of fetuses and sold for profit for the individual seller.” This is an example of some of the organs trying to be sold. It sounds like it just cars parts being sold for more profit. I don’t view human life in that way. The human life is so valuable and precious to want to sell any organs.
Also another procedure performed at the clinics is called partial- birth abortions. The definition of a partial birth abortion is a procedure of a living baby, whom is feet- first and all except for the head. Then, the head is punctured and the clinic removes the baby’s brain. Finally, the skull collapses and a dead- baby would be delivered. An Article titled Facts of Partial- Birth Abortions claims that, “these partial- birth abortions are performed 3,000- 5,000 annually”. The numbers of times partial- births are being used are rare, but they still do occur. There also was a Partial- birth abortion act stated by Facts of Partial-

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