Abortion Is The Deliberate Termination Of A Human Pregnancy

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“God would not approve of abortions!”
“If a woman has an abortion, she is a MURDERER.”
“Why get pregnant if you do not plan to keep the baby?”
“Abortions are dangerous. You are killing a child!”

In our society, abortion is one the most controversial debated topics today. What is abortion? Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Pro-life activists believe in a woman should not have an abortion due to reasons such as religion, in the eyes of God, or “the killing” of a fetus. All life in the instant of its conception is innocent and deserves a chance at life. It is all in God’s timing and in His plan if a woman should carry a child. Meanwhile one who is a pro-choice activist believes in the right that a woman can have
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Pregnancy shouldn’t turn a woman into any less than a human being.

What individuals do not realize is that women have come a long way, and in many ways, are still being oppressed by society in general. Just a few decades ago, women were only good for staying at home, raising children while men were out working and in power. We were not allowed to vote, yet alone equal to the same standards as men. So, if you take away the progress made, you take away the rights of women all over the world. All due to society feeling threatened of having or being a woman in power. Picture the thought of being alive and being a woman. That is all we having going. The chances of being oppressed would increase in size if a woman is poor and unstable. 76% of these cases who are denied abortions are more than likely to become unemployed, on welfare, or even being victims of domestic abuse. Which leads to more abused children in society who carry on that same routine. Me being an African American female, I am likely to be in that category in a minority group. If I am unable to provide or not in shape to care for a child, I will continue on the cycle of poverty and deprivation in the eyes of society. Actually owning up to a responsibility knowing that you are in no position of financially supporting that child, creates controversy, and also an ongoing stereotype of women and of color. And of course, all of society will carry on to look down upon and follow up on their lack of respect
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