Abortion Is The Destruction Of A Fetus

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In this essay, I will discuss my position on abortion, how it has changed, and how it compares to others’ more established positions. Before I can begin this, however, I must first discuss the terms that will be used and their definitions. For the purposes of this essay an abortion is the destruction of a fetus at any point in development. A fetus constitutes a fertilized egg. At the moment the egg and sperm converge, the product is entitled a fetus. Prior to this course, my opinion on abortion was firm, but underdeveloped. I had a position that stated abortion to be immoral but acceptable in some cases. By this, I meant that it was always wrong, but could be understood in some cases, and thus, somehow, less of a wrongness. I see now the major issues with this argument and will use this essay to better clarify my position, and I will find myself aligning very closely with the views of Don Marquis, as portrayed by his article entitled “An Argument that Abortion is Wrong.” I will expound upon these views as they are shared by mine, but will also cite portions from writings by Judith Thomson and Mary Anne Warren. I find that my position was developed by using terms and ideas from these three authors, but I will also discuss how their writings and views conflict with mine. My position has been altered by new knowledge, and new incorporation of different circumstances. Prior to this class, I had an opinion that abortion was wrong, but it was okay if the mother was raped or if
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