Abortion Is The Question Of When Life Begins

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One of the most debated arguments in discussing abortion is the question of when life begins. It is an argument that is not entirely clear even through science as some people believe life begins at conception, fertilization of the egg, development of the fetus, or birth of a child. Determined separately by each state, the gestational limits set the number of weeks at which an abortion is no longer legal as the fetus would be viable outside of the womb. For most states in the US this is an average between twenty to twenty four weeks. Determined by the famous 1973 case of Roe vs. Wade, Justice Harry Blackmun concluded that the word “person” as used in the Fourteenth Amendment did not include the unborn, thus making abortion legal. This case is still relevant as abortion is still legal today within certain gestational limits which attempt to determine when life begins and when a fetus can begin to feel. Some argue that the states “held unborn children to be persons under the property, tort, and criminal law of the several states at the time Roe was decided,” and because of this, “the text of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment compels federal protection of unborn persons” (RODEN). Those who are in opposition to abortion have a goal to set gestational limits sooner than those in place now and to one day eliminate the option of abortion entirely. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood which offer access to abortion in addition to birth control and other
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