Abortion Is The Termination Of A Pregnancy After, Accompanied

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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus. People have used the negative psychological effects of abortion as a basis to either promote or discourage abortion; making it one of the most highly debated topics for years. Many studies argue that abortion can lead to serious mental illness as people have disclosed effects ranging from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, sleep interruption, and suicidal ideation or attempts. Others claim that while abortion may lead to some negative psychological effects, they are only temporary; reporting positive outcomes for the female choosing abortion in the…show more content…
Researchers tend to agree that, at some level, abortion is a stressful experience for all women. (APA, 1987) Young women reporting abortions can generate significant resulting psychosocial distress. (Speckhard, 1987) Women’s experiences of abortion may vary as a function of their religious, spiritual, and moral beliefs and those of others in their immediate social context. (Major et al., 2009) However, they admit in the study that choosing an abortion can be a significant stressor for women coming from families and cultures that look at abortion negatively. Major et al., (2009) also concur that women who belonging to religious groups that oppose abortion on ethical and moral grounds, may struggle and be more conflicted about the termination of the pregnancy through abortion. Those who sense pressure to have an abortion by others or feel coerced into having an abortion may indicate that also as a potential cause of stress. Major et al., (2009) however, trivializes having an abortion as nothing more than a potentially stressful life event within the range of other normal life stressors. While some may experience nothing more than stress, others may experience a host of other reactions ranging all the way to severe trauma. Some studies purport higher rates of depression and suicide among women post-abortion. Post-abortive women were more likely to land in a higher risk category for depression, according to an analysis of the National Study of

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