Abortion Is a Woman's Choice Essay

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Today’s society is full of health concerns, unsolved, and controversial issues. Many of these can be viewed in relation to one’s moral, ethic, and religious beliefs, thus creating a society divided by opposing viewpoints. Today in the U.S., abortion is one of the most controversial discussions concerning women simply because it has been said for many years now that abortion should not be legal. Many who oppose abortion do not know what an abortion is, or even why a woman might choose to have an abortion. This research essay will discuss why it should be a woman’s choice to have an abortion and attempt to discuss the many reasons behind choosing an abortion. Abortions have been practiced since the days of the ancient world and are …show more content…
Condoms are not a reliable method as they can develop a rip or tear or essentially come off during intercourse. Birth control is not an actual guarantee that a pregnancy will not develop, even with careful planning and consistent use of these items, often times a woman can still become pregnant. To be one hundred percent safe from getting pregnant, a woman would need to be celibate, or in other words refrain from any and all sexual intercourse. We all know that teenagers of today are becoming sexually active at a younger age than several decades ago. Peer pressure can be one of the reasons so many teenage girls ends up at an abortion clinic. Before abortions became legal with Roe v. Wade, many women and teenagers turned to the underground abortionists in dark alleys and dirty hotels. The results usually were not in their favor and many died from complications such as infections and uncontrolled bleeding (Paul, 2009, pg.20). Before abortions became legal in the U.S., many women took matters into their own hands and used various methods to perform their own abortions. One such method was potassium permanganate, a type of salt crystals. Back-alley abortionists used this method by dissolving the crystals in water and inserting the solution into the uterus via a syringe or catheter (Miller, 1993, p. 4). The solution made the uterus contract resulting in abortion of the fetal tissue however; it was a
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