Abortion " Matters of Life and Death Casts Dispersions on Both Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion Debates"

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A. Jonathan Glover, in his article Matters of Life and Death casts dispersions on both pro-abortion and anti-abortion debates citing them as too knee-jerk emotional reactions diminishing the inherent complexity of the other side (1. Glover, CC2006, p. 0110). Glover comprehensively addresses the key points of both sides of the abortion debate and evaluates their inherent virtues, especially for those who hold these opinions, then methodically points out its flaws. Ultimately, Glover comes to the conclusion that though a fetus is a human at the moment of conception, the right to abort lies with the mother and her own self-determination.
Glover begins his article by claiming that the status of the fetus, historically, has been
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There are essentially three objections to murder: it takes away the victim's autonomy, it prevents the victim from years of life it was due, and the effects of others who had some relation to the victim (6. Glover, CC2006, p. 0110). Casting aside religious teachings because of the variety of religions, Glover focuses on these three objections. Glover claims that a fetus has no real autonomy of its own, thus can not be afforded its own rights and that even if the fetus did have rights, the rights and autonomy of the mother supercede the rights of the fetus (7. Glover, CC2006, p. 0113). In this way, the second reason also falls by the leeway because years of life due to the mother if her life was threatened by the pregnancy or the years she has to invest in raising an unwanted child is usurped by the birth of the fetus. And finally, though not explicitly mentioned, the only other person that a fetus has any relation or interaction with is the mother, thus if the mother wants the fetus aborted, the moral implications that arise reside solely with the mother.
It is in this way that Glover returns to his original assertion that to deny women the right to control what happens in their bodies is wrong, but cautions that a fetus is a human right at conception, so ending the life of the fetus is equal to ending the life of any human, yet the rights afforded to women trump all of this and whatever moral pitfalls that a
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