Abortion (Medical Law and Ethics

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Medical Law and Ethics Project Ethical Question: Should abortion be abolished? Is abortion murder? Should rape be considered a reason for a young woman to get an abortion? Ethical Scenario 1: A beautiful 20 year old female having the time of her life, maybe going crazy having unprotected sex while whoever and not caring or even thinking of her consequences. A few weeks go by and the female ends up pregnant and automatically she decides to have an abortion because she don't know the father or can't afford the child or just plainly doesn’t want children. Does she have the constitutional right to an abortion? Ethical Scenario 2: Across town another beautiful 20 year old just left her 2nd shift job at the local diner and is walking…show more content…
There are still possibilities of infertility in the mother caused by doctor error or genetic predispositions, psychological damage, an even smaller possibility of death that come from getting abortions. There are many other options than to resort to abortion. Adoption, the use preemptive birth control, like condoms, pills, I.U.D.’s, and spermicides. 3. How does it make me feel? I was raised Christian, where it is considered a sin to abort a child in the eyes of God. For ethical scenario 2, her consequences are very disappointing and difficult but also very understandable. Anyone could see clearly that this child would be a reminder of her tragic situation. As for ethical scenario 1, that young lady was just completely being irresponsible and now does not want to handle the true life responsibilities that came along with her irresponsible decisions and lifestyle. In both cases, I must stay dormant due to the fact that I feel that gift of God should not in any form pay the consequences of decisions way beyond that child’s control, there is always another option. That child was given the miracle of life and once that gift is given, that child deserves to see life
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