Essay about Abortion: Morally Correct, Not Morally Good

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Abortion: Morally Correct, Not Morally Good

The issue of abortion is a tough, important, and long-lived one because there are numerous factors to consider and many people with strong opinions with the proof to support them. There are religious claims, human rights that need to be protected, attempts to avoid psychological damages, and even funding issues that are equally important, with evidence to support either side. Our overall position on this issue is to keep abortion as a legal institution in America. But the graphic condition of abortion procedures mandates that partial birth abortions, except in the cases of rape, incest, danger the woman’s health, or fetal abnormality, are strictly prohibited. Seeing that “58% favor the
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The social problem of abortion at that time period was based on a completely different issue than the ones in the present. (Staggenborg) In the 1900s, the issue of abortion then became more prominent as the women’s rights movement along with the sexual revolution arose and redefined the issues surrounding abortion, and caused the landmark Supreme Court ruling for legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade.

Prior to the sexual revolution of the 1900s, sexuality was obviously conservative; men had their roles, and women had theirs. Sex was also an ideal reserved for marriage. Contact between a man and a woman was physically limited, and courting rituals were accordingly much more aloof than the ones practiced now. As equal rights movements for women sprouted, sexual freedom was one of the inadvertently sought after goals. Increasing support for abortion correlates with the sexual identity of women as they moved from the household to the world of “men”, taking paying jobs as a direct result. Indeed, those who support abortion now are often what we envision as the “modern woman”. Pro-life advocates on the other hand, according to Staggenborg and Luker, are the ones who predominately seek to restore a more conservative view of sex in sexuality. According to other research done by Luker, PC women tend to have received

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