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Abortion Abortion has been an issue since 1820. In the beginning the problem was more about protecting doctors who have licenses. “Regular doctors thus had an incentive to ban abortion as part of an effort to drive irregular doctors many of whom were women out of business” (Straggenborg, p.211). The AMA (American Medical Association), which was the group that the regular doctors made, started a campaign that made the people believe that the white population was getting smaller and the population of the immigrants was rising. Abortions were made illegal to insure the stability of the population of American citizens. It seems odd that the only reason that abortions were made illegal at one point was because of money issues and a lust…show more content…
As well if it were to be illegal, looking at the past history we can almost be sure that women would still go out and have abortions. Though, these abotions would not be safe and would most probably be costly. If abortions were legal then the question at hand is then who has the “personhood” rights, or atleast who has more rights. Does the unborn child, if you consider it a child at not even 3 months, have more rights than the woman carrying the baby? Does the father have a decision if this child should be born or not? When looking into this matter one must first extinguish at what point is it a baby with his or her own rights. Does he or she from the moment of conceptionhave rights when he or she is merely in the stage of splitting into different cells? These are all important issues, that lead into one big question of whether or not the women should be allowed to have an abortion even at any cost. No matter what stage in the pregnancy . . . no matter what the reason behind her decision . . . is it essentially the women’s full choice? These issues are discussed among many different groups of people. There are a vast number of pro-choice organizations out there that speak on behalf of the women involved in abortions. They speak on behalf of the rights of the women who chooses to carry the child, or who chooses to give it up for adoption, or who raise it themselves. Especially children, it seems to be a fact that, “Each year, one million

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