Abortion Pleads Guilty To Felony: Article Analysis

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In the article, “Woman Accused of Coat-Hanger Abortion Pleads Guilty to Felony” Liam Stack talks about how a Tennessee woman was jailed for trying to use a coat hanger to abort her baby. The Tennessee woman plead guilty on Monday to aborting her 24-week-old child by using a coat hanger. Anna Yocca went to get medical care after trying to abort her baby, but was soon arrested and tried for attempted murder. She was arrested in September of 2015 and just had her trial in January 2017. With the agreement that was reached in court, she was credited for the time she had already served in jail. Since Yocca’s case was making headlines, it set a shockwave through many abortion rights advocated and supporters. Also, with Trump being our president
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