Abortion : Pro Choice And Pro-Life

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The topic I choose to research was abortion because the question of whether abortion should be legal is a continuous debate. There are two sides to this ongoing fight; Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. To determine which group suits you, you can ask yourself do you think abortion should be banned or accepted? I choose to accept abortion and therefore identify as a person who is Pro-Choice. Abortion is not a black and white issue. It can be complicated and personal. My groups position on the issue on abortion is that we believe that abortions are a woman’s choice and shouldn’t be limited by the government or any religious authorities. Pro-Choice does not necessarily mean you are pro-abortion, or that if you were ever in a situation of an untimely pregnancy that you would turn to abortion as a solution. It simply means you support woman making their own decisions pretraining to their body and reproductive health not the government. People and organizations who belong to the Pro-Choice movement view life a more secular rather than religious. A shared belief in my ingroup is that the government should have a limited role when it comes to abortion laws. The government and congress are being ran mainly by men, so how is a man going to efficiently make laws pertaining woman’s rights when he himself is not a woman. It does not make any sense. The groups culture has shaped my attitude to be more determined to stand up and fight for woman’s rights of not only access to abortion care but birth

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