Abortion : Pro Choice Or Pro Life Essay

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The topic of abortion is a highly controversial discussion that has been prominent in the debates of morals and politics for decades. Most people agree that on the topic of abortion, it is like a black and white fallacy, which is an issue that only has two options. For example, a black and white and fallacy is that a person can either be a Republican or Democrat, there is no other option. In the discussion of abortion, the black and white fallacy is either pro-choice or pro-life. Despite this commonly believed two-sided argument, there is a third choice, pro-rights. Pro-rights argument is similar to that of pro-choice. Pro-rights defend the validity of abortion, by arguing abortion is within the natural, given rights of a woman; It is a woman’s right to be able to choose. This perspective focuses on the right of a women to her own body, her right of prosperity and happiness, and the lack of rights the fetus possesses.
Each person, man or woman has a right to their own body. A woman has a right to dictate what happens to her own body and the right of self-preservation. Judith Jarvis Thomson stated that “Some [anti-abortionists] won’t even make an exception for a case in which continuation of the pregnancy is likely to shorten the mother’s life; they regard abortion as impermissible even to save the mother’s life” (Thomson, 2013, p. 298). These anti-abortionists renounce abortion even if it threatens the life of the woman, they see more value in the fetus than the woman.
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