Abortion: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Essay

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From the day you are born, learning and education are the most important skills for survival in today's society. The most valuable thing learned on your journey of life is the ability to distinguish "Right from Wrong", both technically and morally. Though easy at first with the minor day to day issues we deal with, it can become quite difficult when more pressing issues are placed in front of you. Many things influence a person's judgment. While one person believes that their view is the absolute truth, another sees that person as idiotic and uneducated. The important thing to remember when making a decision is to be open-minded, and push the outside influences away so that you can see both sides of the issue and make a decision for …show more content…
In Jane English's argument she says that even if you don't consider the fetus a human, abortion is no more justified then the torture and killing of animals. In the end, even with adoption, how many women can acrry a baby for nine months, give it away, and stay in a good emotional state?
The Pro-Choice side is often mistakenly defined as the argument for abortion. Actually it is not an argument for abortion as much as it is for a woman's right to chose. Some Pro-Choice supporters are totally agaisnts abortion, but are in favor of the woman's right to choose. This side tend to not personify a fetus until birth, therefore giving it no right to life and leaving the choice of what a woman does to her body to her. Though Pro-Life supporters consider a fetus as an innocent human being, some people can justify abortion still. In Jane English's argument she is able to illustrate a situation in which the killing of an innocent person is justifiable. Pro-Choice supporters also raise an interesting point of our moral obligation to help these women. They believe that if a woman really wants an abortion she will have one, legal or not. They believe it is our duty as moral citizens to provide for their well being by givin them a well suited medical environment and qualified doctor to help them. Still, can it be right to put the exsistence of a creature in the life of a woman? Will all women think responsibily before proceeding

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