Abortion: Richard Fausset's Point Of View

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Ever since the legalization of abortion in 1973, the conservatives and the liberals have been in a feud for many years, even decades. I however, believe that the topic and the actions and consequences of abortion are quite iniquitous. If you have performed an abortion, or even desire to have an abortion, I will not victimize you for it, and I will respect your decisions as to you being an individual. Abortion in my eyes shows that it is killing life, both in the mother’s point of view and killing the life of an unborn child who is still going through the embryonic stages. This could as well leading to putting the blood of the infant on the doctor’s hands, and the predator who have hunted down the victim’s hands. Abortion, as being a huge epidemic…show more content…
Liberals are claiming that the woman has the right to get rid of the child by letting the doctors exterminating the lifeform. The writer, Richard Fausset, states, “for this was because they believed that it was unconstitutional, where this is violating the 14th amendment, saying that it is the women’s right and privacy if she wants to terminate her pregnancy,” The essence of Richard Fausset’s argument is that a wide majority of the liberals believe that if the government suspends abortion, then it will be ignoring the words of one of the articles in the U.S Constitution, which involves the topic of privacy and liberty. Which in my case, I believe that the women should bear the child anyways, due to the fact that the attempts to terminate the pregnancy could lead up to harm for the host of the child, the mother. There are many attempts to perform an abortion, whether it takes up to using pills or using scraping. Even so, if the mother attempts to perform an abortion by herself, or with the assistance with a doctor, then it would possibly lead up to herself both being internally, and externally
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