Abortion : Right Or Wrong?

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Abortion: Right or Wrong? The famous writer Larry Barretto said, Babies are bits of stardust blown from the hand of God.” Abortion takes away a baby’s life, which begins at conception. A fetus’s heart begins to beat in just the first few weeks of the pregnancy. Women can have an abortion up to 9 weeks into the pregnancy. At nine weeks, the infant can make a fist, and the head is almost half the size of the entire body. The baby begins to have buds for baby teeth to appear. Some women still have an abortion instead of choosing another option even when they know all the facts. Certain people believe that an unborn infant is not a human being. I believe that an innocent infant has equal rights to life, and abortion is morally wrong because it is murder. Abortion may be one of the most controversial topics in the world today. The choice of being pro-life or pro-choice is the decision. Yes, it is true that during the first weeks of a pregnancy the fetus can not exist outside the mother’s womb and it depends on her health for its health. This leads people to thinking that this makes the fetus none existing. Well I depended on my mother in the womb, and so has every other human being on the planet. Women that are not ready for a child should prevent unwanted pregnancy through responsible use of contraception’s .If that is not possible, they can choose to be abstinent. Then the issue of rape or incest comes in to the argument. When this happens to someone, the person may not

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