Abortion Saves Women From Teen Pregnancy

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Abortion saves women from teen pregnancy, single mothers who cannot afford a child and people who are unfit or unable to support a child. The topic of abortion divides this country in two everywhere you go. Many see it as immoral, while others oppose the issue based upon their religion. Supporters of pro-life more times than not have very strong religious views on the issue; as a result, those who oppose it, often try to force and push their beliefs onto others to make it to their liking. Pro-life doesn’t let women have control of their bodies and their reproductive rights. A woman should have the choice of what she does and what is best for her, outsiders should not have a say in other people 's choices.
Pro-choice allows a woman the option to not bring a baby into this world that has profound abnormalities. In some cases women 's fetuses develop a disease where death is certain upon birth or shortly after. A disease the fetus could develop is anencephaly. Anencephaly is the disease where the brain is missing and death is almost certain soon after death. Down Syndrome is a nonfatal disease the fetus could develop. This nonfatal disease causes many health risks if the child is born; furthermore a child born with this defect has a 50% chance of having a congenital heart defect, the life expectancy is shortened and in some cases 17% of these babies didn’t make it to age twenty. Women shouldn’t have to continue a pregnancy if she is not fit to care for it or if it will not…
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