Abortion Should Be Considered A Human Being

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When an abortion is performed, during any stage of pregnancy, it is undoubtedly killing a

person. The person may not be fully formed yet. The baby may not even resemble a human baby.

The forming person may not yet be visible on an ultrasound, or have a detectable beating heart;

however the developing infant should most definitely be considered a human being. This paper

will discuss how and why babies at any phase of prenatal development are definitely considered

a person.

The first two weeks after conception are called the germinal period. In this stage of

development the one celled zygote (the production of a sperm and ova joining together)

duplicates and multiplies. Eventually that zygote forms two distinct parts, the placenta
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The third stage, called fetus, is when the baby develops its sexual organs, internal organs,

fingernails, and toenails, etc. By this stage, I would hope that any person would consider a fetus

a human being.

Abortion was never a personal issue for me. I rarely thought about it until recently. A few

weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and a video clip appeared. In the

video, a doctor who had previously performed many abortions, used animations to show what

happens to a baby during a second trimester abortion. The doctor starts by suctioning out the

amniotic fluid, and then uses a sopher clamp to tear the baby’s limbs off one by one, along with

the intestines, spine, heart, and lungs. The doctor then grasps, and crushes the baby’s skull, and

removes the pieces of it. He then uses a curette to scrape the lining of the uterus to get out any

leftover pieces/tissue.

After seeing this video, I was deeply disturbed. I was disturbed because I saw that even

something so small, really isn’t something, but rather someone! The animated baby had arms,

and legs, a head; all things that every person has. Babies that are in prenatal development may
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