Abortion Should Be Legal Around The World

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Abortion, the sound of the word can cause an environment to go from cheerful and relaxed to tens and edgy in seconds. Abortion is one of the major controversial topics of all time. Many consider abortion to be murder and criminal procedures should be brought forward, they consider it to be immoral and unethical regardless of the circumstances. They believe the reason why women exist is to bear and raise children; their body is only a host to the unborn child and should not be tempered with to enable the reproduction of other generation. “Pro-Choice or for-Abortion” activists believe in women’s rights, they want to protect the rights of women and what they can do with their own bodies, while those against it “Pro-Lifers or Anti-Abortion” firmly believe in the rights of the unborn child, saying that it is unjust to end the life of another human being. In this essay, my arguments will be based on feasible information proving that abortion should stay and be made legal around the world, I will provide evidence showing that making abortion legal, can reduce the number of unnecessary deaths, will reduce the numbers of unsafe pregnancy termination and in a in a very strange way, is benefiting our planet. Abortion is defined as, “The termination of pregnancy by a voluntary destruction, removal or expulsion of a foetus or embryo prior to being capable of normal growth, either by the use of surgical means or pills” (Reachout.com, 2014). Many people may ask the question of why do

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