Abortion Should Be Legal For Many Years

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For many years, the debate over whether or not abortion should be allowed has gotten very intricate. Because this subject is such a sensitive topic to discuss, many Americans have divided. According to www.aboritions.procon.org, abortion is considered murder. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has acknowledged that having an abortion is an essential right to all women. For many years, people have gone back and forth on why abortion should or should not be legal. Several individuals feel that abortions should be permitted and others are against it for numerous reasons. In 1973, abortions were made legal in the case Roe v. Wade. Abortions should be legal for several reasons, but specifically because of freedom of choice, victims of sexual abuse, financial stability issues, and health problems that could arise. To begin with, abortions should be acceptable because it is a woman 's right and her personal decision. All women have the equal right to decide if they want to carry their child or have an abortion. This is called freedom of choice. It is no one else 's result to choose for her. However, people have deliberated abortion to be murder simply because there is a life being taken (www.debate.org). In reference to www.debate.org, abortion is taking the life an individual. That has been said because people have argued that once an egg has been conceived, it is a living cell that grows into a human being. Not only has murder been a focus in this matter but also religion has been

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