Abortion Should Not Be Carried Out

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The simple fact that a woman is able to carry a fetus in her womb, and that it will develop into a baby in the course of nine months is miraculous. Being able to procreate is a blessing that not every woman has the privilege of possessing. However, it appears to be that people are forgetting how precious the gift of life truly is. They do not take into consideration the consequences of their actions because they believe that all their problems will disappear once they dispose of the results of their negligence. In this case, people use abortion as a method to escape their obligations. This situation, however, does not apply to all women that feel that abortion is the best option. For instance, the baby might be the result of an abuse. Although this appears to be a justifiable reason to not want to keep the baby, other alternatives exist. Regardless of the reason for the undesired pregnancy, abortion is not justified. In this paper, I will discuss the main reasons why abortion should not be carried out. Aside from being risky for the woman, abortion is an attack towards a totally defenseless human being, and it is a lack of respect for life that can eventually lead to greater insensitivity from humanity. First of all, if people do not want to consider the ethical side of why abortion is incorrect, they should at least consider the health implications. Once a woman has aborted, the complications are several. For example, abortion can lead to infections, hemorrhages,…
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