Abortion Should Not Be Legal

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There are some people that disagree with Thomson’s view. They argue that there is no situation where a baby life should be taken. They said that every single life is important and irreplaceable and equal to each other. Thus it should never be right to have abortion since it would kill an innocent child. However they are wrong, even if every single life is important, there are times when the lives of the mother and fetus will hang on a balance and only one will live. An example of one those times when the mother’s and fetus’s lives will hang on a balance were given early. If the mother is at risk due to the pregnancy, there is a high chance the mother will die when she gives birth. Yet the people still says that abortion should not be allowed. In this situation, is only two choices; ether let the mother die or have an abortion. But who gets to live? Based on the people that disagree with Thomson, they said that the baby should survive while the mother dies. I disagree with them. Why should the mother be forced to sacrifice herself to let the baby live. In addition, the people who argued against abortion did say that that every life is important and equal and yet they are will to choose the baby’s life over the mother’s life. Abortion should be allowed and the choice on who get to life should be given to the mother to decide. In the end, it is her life and body. The mother is using her body to carry the baby and keeping it alive, so she does indeed have the right to decide on
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