Abortion Should Not Be Legal

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Tyler DaHarb Ms. Cavarra English 9 13 March 2017 Abortion “In 2013, there were 664,435 abortions performed in the US that were reported to the CDC” (Wikipedia). This may seem like a lot, but imagine all the ruined lives after Donald Trump, “recently cut funding for abortion, but support groups have raised over 200 million dollars” (“USA Today”). Many people argue that taking a life is never right and should not happen under any circumstances, and this position is reasonable because people can go to jail for taking another’s life. However, abortion is far more complex than that because sometimes people don’t know the entire story or can’t comprehend any reason why this could happen. Taking a life of any kind is not right, but abortion…show more content…
Women’s Health, talks about the different outcomes of a child with disabilities, and how they would fare in the real world without any special treatment or services. “Early intervention services try to address the needs of children with disabilities and the needs of their families as early as possible.” Upon reading this, one can now see that raising a child with a disability requires immediate attention, and resources that a mother might not have just coming from giving birth. Down Syndrome Education Online goes into detail about the ups and downs of raising a child with down syndrome as well as other diseases. The website explains how although there are some families that flourish with a child who has a disability, there are other families who don’t do so well. “In these families, brothers, sisters and the child with Down syndrome are more likely to show behaviour difficulties. Parents are more likely to be struggling to cope and experiencing depression or health problems. All family relationships will be strained and family life affected. Some of the reasons that lead to families having a hard time have been identified and this information may be able to help parents, extended families and services to pinpoint their needs and ways to improve their situation if life is difficult to manage at present.” Even though there can be exceptions for families and mom’s with kids who have disabilities, some

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