Abortion Should Not Be The First Choice

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When it comes to the word abortion there is no limit on how much controversy the word alone sparks. There are many reasons an abortion is performed or justified. There are consequences both physically and mentally. Everyone seeking an abortion, for whatever reason, should be required to attend a mandatory counseling session, and, experience a waiting period. Abortion should not be the first choice. Consider the options and all risks involved carefully before agreeing to end a life. I think if you play, you should suffer the consequences. It seems immoral for a life of an innocent child be taken for one’s selfish actions. Abortions are performed for many reasons. Those reasons many not always make sense, to some, and are simply escape goats for others selfish acts. Some of reasons are the inability to support a child, the desire to end an unwanted pregnancy, the result of unprotected sex and/or failed birth control and the result of rape or incest. Women who are victims of rape or incest may feel like it is their only option. I believe that abortion is a selfish act because there are other options such as adoption. Many women use abortion as a form of birth control. Any woman under the age of eighteen should be required to get parental consent prior to considering and/or performing an abortion. As with any other medical procedure a parental consent is required prior to the procedure, abortion should be no exception. Slightly over half of the Kansans seeking abortions were…
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