Abortion Social Issue

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A large number of the United States population is open to idea of ending the life of a innocent baby. The number of mothers who want an abortion rises every year. Many women are unaware of the emotional state and cost of an abortion. Most people are unaware of the inhuman procedure itself. Abortions also can affect the outcome of political campaigns. Making abortions illegal not only will prevent mothers from killing their innocent babies, it will also will also save families money and mental health issues among women. Between the years of 1990-2012 there have been 11,224,193 abortions in the United States alone” said Tiffany Baker, a CNN reporter. The abortion rate for 2013 was 12.5 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, and the abortion…show more content…
If these mothers would not have an abortion, then these kids would have been able to vote. According to Larry L. Eastland, “there were 12,274,368 Voting Age Population (VAP) of 205,815,000 missing from 2000 presidential election because of abortions” (Eastland, Larry). If all these mothers would have not had an abortion then maybe everything would have been different. “In the United States there were 2,096,406 Republicans, 958,086 independent, 2,978,605 Democrat missing votes due to abortions in the year 2000” (Eastland, Larry). Elections could have been different, if this population was not missing. These mothers do not see that they could have changed the election that…show more content…
This number will continue to rise until women are more educated on the procedure or it is made illegal. Many women suffer from extreme depression following the procedure and can also have health issues if the procedure is done incorrectly. Furthermore, abortions end lives of innocent children who never had the opportunity to put their mark on the world. In summary, by making abortions illegal the country can save its citizens money, protect the mental state of woman and would help create a future for everyone and not just a select
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