Abortion, The Deliberate Termination Of A Pregnancy

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Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. Abortion is never the answer for an unwanted pregnancy and there is so much more to know about what abortion actually is. In this essay I will explain abortion from a logical, moral point of view and I will share information on other things dealing with abortion.

People have abortions for many different reasons. Each of these reasons has an option other than abortion. Abortion is never the only option. No matter what the reason is, abortion is never the answer.

“It’s just a blob of tissue,” is what some people will say when getting an abortion. This is not correct though. The baby’s heart starts beating at three weeks after conception, which is before many women even realize they are pregnant. The face of the baby is also formed in the first few weeks and after that, the baby grows very rapidly. The “blob of tissue” is a baby as soon as fertilization happens.

Another reason people having an abortion might give is that it will ruin their current relationship. A baby will put some strain on any relationship, but an abortion is not going to help it. If the woman’s partner threatens to leave if she does not have an abortion, he is not very likely to to stay with her anyway. If he pressures the woman into having an abortion, it should show her that he is not a partner for life because he is not willing to face his own responsibilities.

A reason that younger women might give is…
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